After just having completed my 6th trip and cumulative 14 months in South Africa, I can easily say, it is my favorite country in the world. The climbing, the culture, the people, the animals, the food, the surf, I don’t know what it is, but the country keeps pulling me back year after year. The climbing definitely is the main reason I keep returning, with so many 5 star lines it is hard to think about not making the trek half way around the globe! So for those that have not been or are planning a trip there next year, here is my top 10 list of favorite boulder problems in South Africa!

10. The Rhino, V8 (Roadside, Rocklands)
9. A Long Way Gone, V8/9 (Rats Garden, Driehoek)
8. Roof on Fire (Road Crew, Rocklands)
7. Orange Heart V5 (Road Crew, Rocklands)
6. Chinatown, V6 (Red Hill, Cape Town)
5. Out of Balance, V7 (Roadside, Rocklands)
4. Sunset Traverse, V5 (Roadside, Rocklands)
3. Lizard Arête, V5 (Rats Garden, Driehoek)
2. Pandemonium stand V9 (Red Hill, Cape Town)  *Pictured*
1. Creaky Heights, V9 (Roadside, Rocklands)

Paul Robinson, Pandemonium stand V9 (Red Hill, Cape Town)