JTree Salve is the mythical Panacea... It heals all.  

These are some of the uses our customers have reported with great appreciation.

  1. Diaper rash
  2. Mosquito bites
  3. Sun burn
  4. Lubricating my bike chain
  5. Fire starter with a cotton ball
  6. Lubrication for my carbon fiber seat post
  7. Rug burn
  8. Removing makeup
  9. Shoe polish
  10. Leather waterproofing
  11. Stops squeaky door hinges in my RV
  12. Inserting headphone jack into old crusty walkman
  13. Pink ear
  14. Latex chapping - I am a doctor
  15. Band aid butta! - so much better than Neosporin
  16. Portland burns - I am a mason
  17. I fixed my chain saw with it!
  18. Toilet paper cuts - don’t ask questions, just take my word on it!
  19. Exema
  20. Entertainment with the family cat! This is way better than scotch tape!
  21. Zits
  22. Wind burn
  23. Kleenex burns
  24. Dry muffins!
  25. Those little tiny burns you get from cutting metal
  26. When hemorrhoids flare up
  27. Climbing at Veedavoo!
  28. Callused feet
  29. Lubricating the seatbelt buckle in my 1975 Chevy pickup
  30. Bikini wax burns
  31. Healing new tattoos
  32. Eyebrow waxing gone bad
  33. Scars
  34. Stretch marks
  35. Razor burn - I thought shaving my whole lower body would be a good idea (I am a guy)
  36. Injuries incurred when homeowner becomes carpenter! (splinters, burns, finish nail through the finger, more splinters, chemical burns from paint remover, by the way - I was making a bird house - subsequently I ended up buying one from an old guy down the road)
  37. Scissor lube