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  • Born in JTree

    JTree Climbing Salve originated in Joshua Tree, California :: 2001.

    that monzo-granite is super abrasive, fun to climb, and sharp on the skin!

  • for the Earth

    We take pride in our natural &  organic ethos and do our best to minimize our impact on the planet.

  • for the ocean

    Products that protect you and the planet!

  • For Your Skin

    Healthy &  luxurious skin care products to heal and protect!

  • Made in the USA

    Handcrafted in Brighton, Michigan since 2007

new! - Hand Sanitizer

We are proud of this Premium Gel!

Got Soap?



for dry, over-washed hands!

Get Relief now!


Hemp Sourced Cannabidiol 

Full Spectrum (<0.3%THC) & THC Free Isolate

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Exclusive September Flavor: Honey & Lemon!

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JTree has a large network of companies that private label a wide range of products. We can private label just about anything we make.

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jtree ambassador program

JTree has a ton of support from our Ambassador Athletes, who regularly use and promote our skin care products.

Interested in joining our Ambassador Program? Just reach out to Jess, our Ambassador Coordinator.

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