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    • Dave Engle - You Guys ROCK!

      Dave EngelI just thought I would drop you a line and express how thankful I am for your products. I purchased several items during the Red Rock Rendezvous this past month, Recovery Lotion, Sun Screen, Healing Balm and Lip Balms. I have been using all of them on a regular basis and can't express how well they work. The one product that has surprised me the most is The Recovery Lotion. I have had a number of injuries to my neck over the past 44 years starting with a severe neck injury in a car accident when I was 10 years old and have had pain in my neck region ever since. I have done formulas from Naturopaths and OTC NSAIDS. Since starting to use the Recovery Lotion the pain is much better managed with the daily use in the neck area on my left side. 
          Thanks again for your company and product line! You guy's ROCK!

    • Suzanne Pinckney - Love this stuff!

      The salve saved my hands when they suddenly were cracking and nothing else worked. I love this stuff!

    • Emily Peyton - Vail, CO

      I live in Vail, Colorado and love to ski. I use your product every time I go skiing, and I think it is great. It really helps with wind burn and protects my face from the cold weather. It has become a joke with my friends because I always pass it around and have everyone use it before we go up on the mountain. I have never seen it anywhere in Colorado. I actually found it at an outdoor store in Indiana when I was visiting family. I was running out and searched for it on the internet. I even order a few extras to give to a couple of my friends.

    • Alex Wildman - Fresh Lips in the Alaskan Range

      I got some of the mountain mint chap stick at a bouldering comp (earth treks MD). Best chap stick I have ever used! So have been pretty bummed that i was almost out, but then i saw your website on the side of the chap stick and couldn't have been happier! I try to tell as many people about you guys as i can. Now that i know about your website i'll whore you guys out when I'm at work (REI).
      Merry x-mas and have fun climbing!

    • Joe Fish - Fish Cycling

      I found j-tree at a bike shop in Tucson Az. I am from Alaska and I have not seen this product anywhere around, so when I stumbled upon it I figured I would check it out. the first thing that hit me was the smell. Currently I am in the Army, but at home I was a road and mountain cyclist as well as a year round commuter (winters included). I have experienced some bad skin damage both to the conditions and crashes. In the Army I experience some skin damage due to crawling around, time in boots and other mishaps. I started using J-tree on the little scrapes and cuts on my hands and knees, but also on the abrasions and other damage to my feet due to hours in boots. This product works better than anything else that I have tried. I intend to make sure I have at least 2 tins with me when I leave for my impending deployment to the war zone. I foresee this product being invaluable in a desert climate where there is wind, sand and heat damage to just about everything. This photo is of an Ice Crit, where a course is plowed on a frozen lake and we race anything that works, my ride of choice in those conditions is a cross bike with 38-40c Nokian studs.

    • Randhir Jhamb - Skier / Guitarist

      I first started using your products when I saw them at Black Diamond Equipment in Salt Lake City, Utah. I am intrigued by your "musician's salve" because its something I think will work well on my fingertips, cracked and dried and bleeding in the winter from skiing and playing the guitar...

    • David Ray - New...

      I am just getting into climbing, and a friend recommended your climbing salve as a great way to care for and maintain the calluses I am developing. So far I've heard nothing but good things, very much looking forward to my order arriving!

    • Chris Osterhues - I ride a motorcycle

      I ride a motorcycle here in Cincinnati whenever temps are above freezing. Even with gloves, my thumb-tips crack and I end up with them covered in bandaids and neosporene. My soon to be son-in-law works at Benchmark Outfitters and I was complaining about this to him last weekend and he let me use some of his Climbers Salve. I loved it! Checking online I quickly figured that your pricing is buy 3-get-1-free, so I did!
      Many Thanks,

    • Dana A. Tumlin - Athens, TN

      Wow!!! I love this stuff! My husband gave me a jar as a gift. I use it for all cuts and scrapes but especially love how quickly it heals my cracked cuticles!! I think I'll try it as a diaper cream next...Thanks for a great product!!

    • Randi - Sea Otter Classic

      Hello J Tree
      I found you guys at the Sea Otter Classic in Monterey this year and have been using your lip shimmer everyday since. I love it!!! Looks and feels better than anything I have ever tried, and doesn't taste bad. :) Can't wait to try the salve and taste your amazing sounding teas!
      Thanks so much for being here and being sooooo coooool!

    • Shari Bayer - Grand Rapids, Michigan

      Love the chapstick! It was a life saver... or should I say lip saver!

    • Jrt Jaeger - from a JT athletes FB page...

      Because Kelly McBride endorses j-tree products, i shall purchase only them for the rest of my days and raise my child to tell all the kids at school that there is radioactive bat venom/defecation in all other lip balms and hand salves.
      (yer welcome)

    • Macallan Cross - Aussie Cattle Dog

      I'm a city Cow Pup & I just wanted to let you know how much my mom loves your stuff! I'm still learning the ropes, so every time I hurt myself mom rubs the pet salve on me! It's like Magic! My sore ruff feet, dry nose, bug bites & even my fur... Cause sometimes I'm stinky...So thanks!

    • Lauren Loomis - Samples really work!

      Last week my daughters were roller blading and went way too far, bringing nasty blisters home with them. I dug out a sample of the climbing salve that you gave me a couple of years ago. In just a few days the blisters were almost gone and there was never that water bubble thing going on. I'm looking at outdoor/biking/hiking stores now for more to have in the house and to send up to U of Wisc with my freshman. If you want any testimonials for uses other then climbing call me!. We love this stuff!
      Hope business is growing wildly.

    • Eleni Livitsanos - love, love, love it!

      I have used your climbing salve for my hands (and everything else!) for at least 3 years and love, love, love it! I never travel anywhere without it. When I pulled it out during a recent climbing trip at Tahquitz to try and salvage what was left of my bleeding cuticles, I realized my climbing partners have been in the dark about your amazing products. I was sure I had spread the word to everyone I knew. I had to buy them some of their own, so they can enjoy J-tree salve anytime, all the time!
      I look forward to trying the shimmery lip balm. I am already hooked on your Mtn Mint and the revival one (can't remember the name).
      Thanks for your amazing products!
      be well, Eleni
      ps - I also love your salve container - I use my empty containers to holds all sorts of yummy stuff for my backpacking trips. They work like a charm!

    • Andrew Wisniewski - Wrecked my JT Jersey!

      Hey J Tree Dave,
      I bought a race jersey and some of the cycling salve from you guys back at the '09 Iceman in Traverse City. Since then, I have proudly worn the J Tree Life jersey in all of my organized cycling event. Love the salve and the jersey, but ran into a wreck yesterday at Le Tour de Mont Pleasant road race. Got involved in a crash about 30 yards from the finish. I was checking out the J Tree website, but didn't see any jerseys available for sale. Can you let me know if you still have any available? In addition to the above, I have added a few photos of the old jersey in action. Thanks for offering a great product in the cycling salve. Hope to see you guys up at the Iceman again this year.
      Best regards,

    • Bobbi Paschka - Scorpion Sting

      Boca, our Bearded Collie put Joshua Tree Pet Salve to the test yesterday. We are traveling in Arizona, so she has her "summer hair cut", and is a bit vulnerable right now. As best we can tell, she laid down on a scorpion yesterday, and got quite an interesting sting on her butt. When we checked it last night, it looked like a red, miniature volcano, spewing puss. I washed it with warn soapy water, trimmed some fur around it and applied J Tree. This morning, the oozing had stopped, the redness and swelling were almost gone. We were lucky it wasn't a more venomous species, but all scorpion stings can be "dirty" wounds, and often get infected. JTree Pet Salve gets a 5 paws rating for this one!

    • sarah yeatts - amazing...

      Your product has been amazing. I use it [the salve] for its intended purpose, but what it works wonderfully for is fever blisters. I have used it twice for a fever blister and I have never used anything, even prescriptions, that have been as soothing and effective in healing them. It was a random thing to reach for it for that use and now I will not use anything else. Thank you for creating such a useful, healing product!

    • Katie Luthy - Outdoors gal & hunter

      To the awesome folks at Joshua Tree Products;
      I'm an avid outdoors-gal and hunter. I recently volunteered at the Western Heritage Hunting and Conservation Expo in Salt Lake City, UT, on behalf of the Mule Deer Foundation. While at the expo, I wandered around and came across the Joshua Tree both...or rather the booth found me. Whomever the salesman at that booth did one heck of a job getting me to stop, sample and purchase your product. He was a hoot! I spend a great deal of my time outdoors and have always had trouble with rough skin on my hands and chapped lips. I purchased your Desert Shimmers lip balm. It's without a doubt the best product I have ever used on my lips! And believe me I've tried EVERYTHING! You have a customer for life.
      I was also given a sample of the Salve. Once again, I've never used anything that helped my dry skin so quickly. When hunting season approaches and I'm knee deep in sagebrush, snow and the Wyoming wind you can bet I'll be stocking up on more of your products.
      Thank you for creating such an excellent product. I'm very impressed! Keep up the great work.
      Many Thanks,

    • Mark Paranada - frozen foods

      I just received my order of Joshua Tree Healing Salve, the lip balm, and the sampler. Thanx for the quick response.
      I originally began using Joshua Tree products over a year ago as a result of reading an article in Mens Journal. My fingers were taking a beating from stocking chill and frozen products at Target and the cold winters here in MA didn't help either. The climbing salve was helpful in healing the cracks, cuts, nicks, and bruises resulting from my job. My 1st order was thru an eco-company, but it seems they no longer carry Joshua Tree. And so I'm glad I was able to find you on line to place my order directly to the company. Many kudos to a wonderful product and keep up the good work.

    • Andy Brown - Chalk in the UK

      Hi guy's, I hope you are all well?
      I recently tried your Fire chalk in 'The Quarry' in Provo Utah while on a business trip, it was fantastic in fact I brought both the Fire and the Ice and carried them back to the UK with me. I have been using them both at my local wall and the interest is big! I am also a Scout leader and instruct at our district wall and this is a perfect product for us.
      Is it available in the UK? I am sure it will go down very well over here and I know the scouts would love the feeling and smell of the chalk.
      All the best,

    • Brian Crowe - Office Salve?

      I picked up a free sample of the healing salve at the Banff Mountain Film Festival in Ann Arbor back in April of this year. The stuff works great!
      I like the new marketing spin on the salve. Makes for a great holiday gift. Ever consider an "Office" version? "Organic care for Paper Cuts and Dry Hands" :)

    • Karoline Neville - fair skinned climber

      Hi Dave! I just got back from J Tree and picked up the SPF lip balm from Nomad's ... wanted to go back for the climber's salve as well, but kept missing their open hours. The lip balm is the best, btw ... I'm super fair and this is the first trip my lips haven't gotten fried or turned white & gooey from heavy SPF protection :)

    • Anne-Marie Doucet - thanks and happy climbing!

      I picked some salve up at smith rocks a few years ago... absolutely LOVE the stuff... what's the shop point? can't remember...anyway... my friends were there a few months ago and I asked them to grab some for me, but they said there wasn't any...or they were lazy and lied to me. :) either way, my jar is definitely running out now!
      thanks for making such an awesome product!
      happy climbing/whatever else u do... :)

    • Robin Everman - Christmas presents

      My boyfriend has ordered your products before and he gave me the Healing Salve to try on my calluses on my feet. It worked great and also did wonders on my dry heels. I loved the salve so much I decided to order some for Christmas presents for my sisters and nieces. I also recommended the salve to a friend of mine (Lisa Myers). I'm not sure if she has placed her order yet. I will definitely order more in the future. Thanks!

    • Adria Badagnani - ABC Studios

      About 2 years ago, I bought some J-Tree Climbing Salve at the gear shop - Nomad Ventures - out on 29 Palms Highway. I love it and use it every day, whether or not I'm climbing. I was getting low on my stock, so I found your website conveniently located on the side of the jar. I'm happy to see the Cycling Salve, and all of your other great products too! They are simply the best! (And would make great stocking stuffers for the holidays!)
      Thank you for the quick order processing!
      The gift set is great - I'll definitely have to order a few for my cycling coach and team members for the Solvang Century Ride. We're doing the ride for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in March, and we will be riding many miles and enduring all sorts of weather conditions during the 5-month training period. Plus, a lot of my colleagues here at ABC Studios are cyclists, skiers, and climbers, so I will definitely pass along my J-Tree product recommendations!
      Here's a fine pic of me getting ready to pack in some gear on a film shoot for you to use on your website with my very positive feedback.
      Have a wonderful day, Dave!

    • Billy Odem - re: Montana Rafting Trip

      We had a great time on our five day drift down the Smith River. The river is't too challenging for novice rowers and the scenery is beautiful, plus the parks and wildlife service does a good job with the camp sites. I used the salve to keep the skin on my hands from drying and cracking, and it seemed to work really well.
      Best regards,

    • Terry Patterson - gymnast salve

      Hi David.
      The salve was a life saver this summer. My daughter and some of her friends at gym used the salve for their hands and really liked it. Instant pain reliever.
      I LOVE IT!! I burned my arm in three different spots in the oven and used the salve. Instant pain and later itch relief. The whole family has used it on one thing or another.
      We really like the design for the gymnast salve. We will be placing another order next week. Oh and I really liked the lip balm as well.
      If you have a flyer or brochure(s) that I can place at the gym please let me\r\nknow and I will send you my address. I know once people try the products they will be hooked as we are.
      Thanks for asking and checking in with us. It is wonderful to get personal attention from a company. I hope you are doing well and prospering.

    • Scotty Young - be well

      Hi David Lawrence,
      I gotta tell you, i love it that your company is still small enough and your integrity is such that you are personally in touch with me your customer.
      The salve is good, I like the way it feels and smells. The consistancy is not quite right for my massage work which is what i was hoping for, but I like it for healing cuts etc.
      Thanks again for writing, i'm trying the 33 sun stick.......... be well,

    • Joyce Smith - Drummer Boy

      My son is a drummer in his high school marching band and he asked me to find this stuff "Joshua Tree", so I did an internet search for Joshua Tree handsalve and your site was one that came up. When I saw the tin for musicians, I knew I had the right one. We are looking forward to getting and trying your product. While I was on the website, I noticed the gift pack reduced and decided to try some tubes of the lip balm to share with my female relatives as small Christmas presents.

    • Lesley MacArthur - swept away...

      Kudos for the fast delivery. About the product: I loved the skin smoothing feeling. I put it on my calloused feet. It swept away the painful dryness without destroying the protective callouses. Thank you!

    • Michael Sobolak - Hand Made

      Hi, I love your salve! I use it for everything (its like duct tape for the skin). However, I bought one of your combo pack things and the Mountain mint lip balm was empty, the other two were full and are lovely to use. Can you guys do anything for me, I could send the empty one back to you? Thanks, and keep up the great work, I'm on my 3rd tub of hand salve and I love it. *we sent him a new one, (or three) - this stuff is all hand made, and we goofed!

    • Tracy Page - selfishly kept it...

      Just wanted to let you know that I love the shimmers lip balms! My husband has taken over the climbing salve for use on saddle sores and seems delighted! I had forgotten to mention that sampling was one of Burt's Bees most successful marketing tools. We had mini's of every item that stores could give away to promote the brand. I have to say that I did not pass along the sample size salve you sent, I have selfishly kept it for my purse! Thanks again, and hope to run into you again sometime. Best of luck with the business.

    • John Garland - Your stuff works.

      I went to Red River Gorge last spring and by coincidence, the Reunion was going on. There were some people selling reunion T-Shirts and they had some small (tiny, actually) jars of your product - they were giving these away as samples. I took a couple and the salve really worked well on some rock cuts I had on my hands, so ordered some in larger quantities. Used it all last summer on me and my girlfriend. Your stuff works.

  • Porter Jarrard - essential to me as Miguel's Pizza and Beer!

    I have been climbing since 1986, and i have always experimented with lotions, poultices and balms to infuse tattered and damaged fingertips and palms. i even kept a tube of some unknown german lanoline-based paste in my dob kit for over a decade. I had mummified it in athletic tape to repair its' own split metal tube. I carefully meted-out portions as anodyne for pinked-out tips...until the entire greasy mass popped like a ripe tick one summer ruining my personal effects. In fall 2008 i met chris sharma at the New...the first thing i asked was could i examine his fingers. they were like sturdy sheepskin leather, no hard callouses, and no threatening splits to the quick. there was the evidence, and it's no trick. you have to keep your hands pliant and resilient. I had given-up on finding something useful and practically-packaged to make me mend, until Dario Ventura gave me a sample of JTree balm last fall. Really amazing stuff that oil-starved chapped skin sucks right up, making it fuse-together and stay strong. And it true! I rub tha shizz all over ma hands. Even good for to keep the winds off ma face in the cold days. I puts it round my nasals and it stop the chap. The screw-top poke it come in don't never come loose or threaten to ooze its guts in ma pocket or dob kit and it wont get ruinated by the winter freeze. But seriously, the combination of natural oils and bees wax actually does help repair and fortify my damaged skin, allowing me to get another days burns in on projects, despite schralped tips or red river jug rash.

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