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  • Lisa White - AMAZING!

    Good Morning, I just came off the AT.  I hiked 75 miles.  My first time from Damascus to Atkins.  I just wanted to let you know that my healing salve saved me.  I put it on my feet every morning and night and I swear it healed my blisters in no time.  I also got sunburned - put it on that....amazing.  Had a rash in well - you know where - put it on that and again AMAZING.  

    I just love this product.  My brother is hiking the AT in Sections and told me about it.  Said I had to order it before I hiked with him on this section.  I am so grateful I listened to my big brother.  LOL

    Thank you again for such an amazing product.

  • Sarah Atlee - You Got It!

    Hi folks, in answer to your question, I heard about you on the PRI show The Story. After ordering some of your salve over a year and a half ago, I found it was the best I'd ever used. This time, I'm ordering extras to give away. Thanks for making a great product!

  • Steve Miller - Golfers Salve?

    I've been ordering the Climbing Salve for my daughter, Kelly. She is a nationally ranked junior golfer and your salve has been the best I've found for the beating her hands take from long hours practicing and playing. I notice the new Gymnastics Salve. Do you think that would be better for her. BTW, her swing coach really likes the salve, too. Might be a new category for you.

  • Healing Salve
    Brian Matter - Pro Cyclist

    My house smells like J-Tree Cycling Salve before and after ever ride! My wife swears by the salve and its definitely got me through some long, hard training blocks. I can't wait for the new J-Tree Embrocation to keep my legs warm during the harsh conditions of cyclocross season. Follow up your hard rides with some Herbal Tea so you can relax, recover, and then do it again the next day!

  • Kelli Emmett - Pro Cyclist, Giant Bikes

    There is nothing better then J-Tree Salve for rock scrapes and saddle sores . It's my secret weapon to being able to ride off-road day after day comfortably! Also, during training my face is constantly exposed to dry weather conditions and wind, so I love using the lip balms to keep my lips from getting chapped and sunburned. Thank you J-Tree!! Keep up the awesome products.

  • Dr. David Meinhardt M.D. - Tournament Water Skier

    My hands are a mess! Washing 30+ times a day at the hospital, and the alcohol based sanitizers, leaves them very dry and cracking. On top of that, daily training for slalom water skiing results in severe calluses. Normal lotions (like those available at the wash stations) would cause my callouses to soften and tear... that's excruciating! In order to heal the dry damaged skin, I rely on J-Tree Watersports Salve.

  • Leslie Timms - Climbs Harder Than the Boys!

    Joshua Tree Products are so awesome that I proudly advertise them wherever I climb. I don't just put any gigantic sticker on my hippy van! I'm a believer in the power of holistic and natural healing, as well as supporting sustainable agriculture. Joshua Tree Salve is an eco-friendly miracle salve. Chalk always dries out my skin and this stuff is the only thing that has worked to heal the cracks. I also use it as a replacement for polysporin in my first aid kit for canoe trips and it has become a staple in my climbing pack. Their new lip shimmer is my new obsession and I cannot live without it! I can't say enough about J-tree products, this stuff really works. Great work Dave :o)

  • Steve Butler - Rad Ski Dog

    I wanted to provide some feedback on the Winter Stick Face Stick that I tried while out skiing in Big Sky, Montana. This was not the first J-Tree product that I tried but, during that snow storm that included 25 mph winds, it was the most essential. The J-Tree Winter Stick sealed my face from the elements and allowed me to keep skiing through the storm. If turned out to be a great powder day! Thank you for the and fantastic performance (and great smell) of the J-Tree Winter Stick!

  • Karissa Dunbar - I like to climb rocks!

    I bought J-Tree because a friend recommended it, and I'm now completely addicted. I use it for routine climbing skin care, cuts, scrapes and the like-- it's so great I even put it on band-aids instead of neosporin! The teas taste great and the shimmers are my new favorite chapstick... My family must have wondered this last Christmas, because I gave everyone something J-Tree. It's fabulous!

  • John Desmett - Carpenter

    Thanks for a great product! As a carpenter, Michigan winters are extra hard on my hands. This is the first product that really helps my dry, cracked, aching skin. I tell the younger guys to do something nice to their body - all this manual labor will wear it out. Using J-Tree is like buying a drink for your hands! Like a nice drink, not some swill beer on special at the corner pub.

  • Eric Gifford - "J-Tree is the Beez Neez!"

    YO! my name is eric gifford, a Red Bull athlete. in the last four years on the road i been every where from Rumney, to Hueco, and now tearing it up in Arkansas. i pull down until my little digits bleed. i try and i try and then try again. the lack of skin on my tips hurts to the point of me thinking of going to the hospital, but then i remember i have some of your life saving product in my bag. in hueco j tree kept me from tearing my tips off. thank you so much for making a product that i can rave about to everyone with thrashed tips. keep up the great work!!!

  • Alex Johnson - Pro Climber

    I just wanted to say that your climbing salve is awesome! I seriously will not go clmbing without it and if I do forget it I will just buy a whole new container; that's how important it is to me! haha. I was recently at the OR Tradeshow comp and a guy sitting behind me offered me some salve after I got done competing and I just wanted to say THANKS! my fingers were burning! And I really appreciated it!  Thanks again your salve has added many extra climbing days to many trips! :)

  • Laurel Hata - Climbngurl

    Thing I love about "JTree" is that it really works. I use it for everything from blown out finger tips from climbing, to healing scrapes from MTB crashes, to swelling and itchyness from mosquito bites - and more! It lets you play hard and it smells good too!

  • Torrent - Aussie crag dog

    After a long day at the cliff, running around on the rock and wrestling with the other cliff dogs - sometime my paws just hurt... i don't really understand the details of it... but my dad puts J-Tree on my paws... and as long as I don't lick it off (Tast-ee!), I'll be ready to romp tomorrow!

  • Dr. Aga Bednarz, MD - Kiteboarder, GI doctor

    I started using your salve after climbing with some friends. I have found that it is also absolutley awesome after kiteboarding, and to treat the latex glove chap I get after working long days in the hospital. I recently gave a patient the remains of my jar as a last chance to treat her Hemorrhoids. None of the over-the-counter or prescription treatments were effective for her, and if this didn't work, surgery was the next step. A day later she informed me that it was "the greatest thing since sliced bread!" Have you considered this market, and can you send me a new jar? Thanks

  • Samantha Fisher - Fayetteville, AR

    J-tree, I absolutely love your product. I used to use ClimbOn, it was fine, but there is something about J-tree that my fingers LOVE. I climb here in Arkansas, mostly sandstone, and a group of us are working on developing some new climbing areas. New sandstone will eat your tips away.I find that a night of relaxing and applying J-tree keeps me able to pull hard that next day. I let some of my friends use some of the tub that I have and now I am out, good thing my muscles need a break for a few days.

  • Jeremy Collins - Senior Illustrator, Rock & Ice

    I just wanted to write and let you know I have recently become a huge fan of your climbing salve. I received a mini salve at the Horseshoe Hell climbing competition in Arkansas last year. After 4500 feet of climbing I didn\'t think ANYTHING would repair my ragged paws. I realized this weekend, that your salve has become as much a staple of my travels as gasoline and local burgers! Thank you for making such a great product. I can't wait to try your other intriguing products!

  • George Bullard - Bee Keeper & Climber

    Friends, I have just returned from a climbing trip to JTree. Used the Salve for the first time on small climbing cuts and skin cracks from cold weather here in Tennessee. Put it on and taped the places overnight and next day I was good. Amazing. Saturday afternoon my wife was stung by one of our honeybees. A dab on the sting and next morning there was no lingering soreness at all. I've been stung in the same place (my forehead) and the soreness lasted several days. Waiting to hear from my son if it helped his sunburn this weekend. You have a true healing balm. There are several places here in Nashville I'd be happy to take samples to if you're interested. Thanks, George

  • Dana Brown - Nomadic Traders

    We met some folks from your company at OR and bought a bunch of your products and we love them; from the teas on down to the dog salve and your lip gloss/balm is, to put it in my daughter's words, "what I thought Burt's Bees products should have been like."

  • Jeremy Bachelor - I'd Rather be skiing.

    A good friend and I got severe wind burn after snowboarding on cold and windy day. Our faces were red, chapped, and sensitive. We tried the new Face Stick and to our supprise it worked wonderfully. The face stick revived color, mosturized, and healed our skin within a few hours. I was totally amazed, it worked perfectly! The other people in our group were skepticle and did not use the product, the next morning their faces were still red and chapped. I also use this product for the dry skin on my face, and it works without causing breakouts. I\'m a true beleiver, Thanks Joshua Tree!!

  • Alex Brady - Fayetteville, AR

    I first heard about (j-tree) from a friend in Arkansas (Samantha Fisher) and on a trip to J Tree picked up a couple jars of it at Nomad Ventures in J Tree. I come home to Horseshoe in Arkansas to find that they have it too and I could have had this stuff all along. Anyway, granite to volcanic to sandstone this stuff keeps my tips fresh. Day after day. Thanks for helping us out!

  • Aubrey Martinson - Chelsea, MI

    Hi Dave - I just wanted to tell you that I bought a tube of the lavendar lip balm at the New Chelsea Market in Chelsea, MI. It's by far the best lip balm I've ever used - better than Burt's Bees, Dr. Bronner's, and regular ol' Chap Stick for sure. I'll have to try the other varieties. Actually, if you're looking for a way to expand your market, you might think about potters. (This thought just occured to me). I haven't tried the climbing salve, but potters tend to get really rough, dry, cracked hands... it's a thought. :) Kudos on the lip balm!

  • Jose Azurdia - Guatemala

    A mis amigos en Joshua Tree les quiero agradecer por un excelente producto, mejor dicho una gama de productos. Realmente la Climbing Salve funciona de maravilla, cuando mis dedos están rasgados, cortados y ampollados solo tengo que untar un poco de su producto y al dia siguiente como nuevo. Desde que empecé a escalar tuve la fortuna de que un amigo me introdujera a su producto y desde entonces siempre lo tengo en mi mochila. Ademas sus Lip Balms son increíbles, mantienen mis labios protegidos del sol y súper humectados. Por favor sigan adelante con una tremendo producto y marca. Saludos al pequeño Torrent.

  • Clay Allred - Provo, UT

    Hey, I live in Provo UT and the limestone here and in American Fork Canyon has been tearing up my hands this year. Luckily you all started distributing through Mountainworks and some nice guy gave me a free sample. Joshua Tree is the best. The smell has even become exceptionally pleasant to me. Oh, and your mountain mint lip balm worked super well on my river trip last week.

    Thanks and keep up the good work,

  • Tara Laidlaw - Archaeologist, Musician

    First of all, thank you so much for responding so quickly regarding the problem with the order -- I really appreciate it. I absolutely love the salve (and the lip balms you threw in there... they feel great and last a super-long time -- so thank you!). The salve works great whether I've been on the trails with the horses up in the Sierra, or on site at my archaeological dig, or at home with my cello. I love that my calluses are still happy (and tough) as ever even after using the salve almost every night. It soaks in fast, plus it smells wonderful! Awesome product. Thank you again, and all the best,

  • Rachel Tucker - Little Rock, AR

    I have been climbing for 5 years, and never have I ever come across such a wonderful product. This climbing salve stands out from the rest for a few personal reasons.
    One, I have Ezcema. As I'm sure you can imagine, this condition/ rash is in harsh conflict with my love for climbing and being outdoors. Each climb I do with chalk means 4-5 days recovery with heavy cortizones and layers upon layers of lotions. This is to combat the elements that have torn my hands up and the harsh dryness I experience afterwards. So, that's been my life thus far. I recently climbed my first ever 24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell competition at Horseshoe Canyon Ranch and was also introduced to J-Tree Salve. as part of a goody bag for the competators. By about 2am my skin was cracking, aching, bleeding (all that good stuff) and my lips were so dry. I used that climbing salve everywhere, and it worked!!!
    This leads to my second personal experience with J Tree being amazing. Stress at work, and allergies has caused my Eczema to spread to my mouth, ears, and upper eyelids. These are all locations the cortizones and heavy creams say " Do Not Ingest" or "Call Poison Control". Now, weather I was supposed to do this or not, I put the J Tree salve on my eyelids because it was all organic and very soothing and figured why not. This salve has seriously helped control and sooth my out-of-control skin condition. I trust your product to perform everytime. It is just the right amount of everything I need to keep the Eczema outbreak down. Thank you so much!

  • Charlotte Hemmings - Haily, ID

    I was babysitting for a guy named Andrew Johnston. I had just come back from climbing some limestone up near Mt. Bora in Idaho and my hands were toast. There was a pot of (JTree Salve) on his counter. I tried it, and by the next day most all of my cuts were healing and my hands weren't super dry. I was so stoked Andrew gave me a sample he had. When it was finished I had to buy myself a big jar and one for my friends - it's a life or (skin) saver and I don't stop raving about it.

  • Steve Knigge - Arborist (Knigge Tree Health Care)

    I got the climbing salve today and Love it. From the time I first opened it I knew it would work. Climbing trees all day and having this really is a life saver. Thanks for a great product.

  • Shingo Ohkawa - Pro Climber - SLC, UT

    Let's say that it's been a long winter here in SLC, and that you've been looking forward to finally getting out of town and go climbing in shorts and a t-shirt. You've got the entire week off--the desert is tempting, but the weather there looks iffy, Red Rocks might be OK--but the camping there is, well, bleak... So it's got to be J-Tree--no question!

    And let's suppose you fancy yourself sort of a student of climbing history, and there's a proud route in the park, a line first freed in 1977, that Bob Kamps called the EBGBs. You've just recently developed a taste for slab climbing at your new home crag, Little Cottonwood Canyon, and so you're more than confident it'll go, despite its witty, yet foreboding moniker. So there you are, thinking, "Kamps was THE man. I wonder if this line was hand drilled? Man, it's getting warm. These shoes are killing my feet! I should have skied less and trained more in the gym..." And then, just before clipping the last bolt, you blow it, off on a 30 footer--and suddenly, you're wishing you had worn pants, much like the time you thought it would be a good idea to glissade the headwall below the Lower Saddle in your shorts.

    So, the point? When you botch the sequence early into a roadtrip, you can either:
    A) Go home and learn to slab climb.
    B) Go home and only sport climb.
    C) Use J-Tree Salve and climb the rest of the week!

    photo: Andrew Burr

  • Rick Vanderleek - Saugatuck, MI

    Trying to get out on the bike as much as possible year-round. I sampled your products at ICEMAN in november. The cycling salve is a hit. The single-digit temps in michigan so far this winter can't stop me. ordering more is must. Nice job. Great company!

  • Marcia Harrington - Southern Michigan Adventure Race Team

    I first received your climbing salve at Infittera's adventure race in December, The Chill. At the MMBA meeting, I think it was in February, I bought your tea. I just did another adventure race last week-end, Diamonds & Dirt, and received another sample. The climbing salve came in handy when I took a spill while biking at Pontiac Lake this week-end. I had a nasty scrape and bruise and put some on. Not sure this was the intended use but it worked great. I've also used it to lube up my toes before running because I didn't have any body glide. Again, not sure that was the intended use but it worked.

  • Kita Kochansky - co-author of The Whole Enchilada A climbers Guide to Potrero Chico, Mexico

    I got a couple of the little samples of the Joshua Tree Climbing Salve at the comp last weekend, and absolutely LOVE that stuff! It's alot like Climb On Creme, but I like the Lavender scent so much better!!! Was it you that contacted them for sponsorship of the limestoner? THANKS!! In any case, I really want to buy some of it and was wondering if you know where I can get some. Let me know what you know. :-)... I guess this really shows that sending samples really does work for these product mfr's to get new customers! Thanks so much! :-)

  • Catriona Jackson - New Found Love

    I am relatively new to the sport of climbing so after my first indoor climbing competition, my hands hurt in a way that I m not used to. It was very uncomfortable but J-tree climbing salve provided instant relief from the pain. It also smells nice and would be good to use as a hand cream in dry climates.

  • Max Seigal - Student - Climbing Major

    I met you a few weeks ago down at the red (i was in the group that bought the chalk, and shirts) and just wanted to let you know that I love joshua tree climbing salve. After working hard routes that lead to blisters, the salve heals my hands super quickly and actually reduces the pain. I love the stuff, keep up the good work.

  • Dave Mayville - Climber and guide for 25 years

    I've been climbing and guiding for 20 years and I've used a lot of different salves, creams, and lotions. Chalk dries the hell out of your hands. As an abrasion deterrent, and for dry cracked skin, a one day application of this salve is the best that I've ever encountered in my years of climbing.

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