CBD (derived from hemp) facilitates intercellular communication on your bodies cannabinoid network... this is how your cells help each other out.  "send supplies, I need help!"

It may reduce pain and facilitate fast recovery if you are dealing with muscle aches & stiffness, back pain, tendonitis, arthritis, inflammation and bruising.  

Look for Full Spectrum (<0.3%THC) and Isolate (THC Free) Products ... Both are federally legal in all 50 states.

Full spectrum has all of the cannabinoids from the plant... 131 of them that we know of... they work really well in concert together.  

Isolate is just the CBD... its the safe choice for anyone that can't have any THC in their life.

A good massage is also key to help your body heal.  Self massage is best, if you can reach it!  Massage all the fresh blood and "supplies" in, and all the old blood and "waste" out.  A self massage also helps draw your minds attention to the area, connecting your conscious and subconscious to address any damage and guide your own healing.

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