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Pamela Shanti Pack

Professional Rock Climber

How do you train for your sport?: I train 5-6 days a week in my off season and 2 days a week during the climbing season.
Other sports/hobbies: I also am a freelance writer and a Pilates Instructor. I am quite obsessed with training -- Pilates, strength training, TRX training.
Favorite JTree product: I love the Ultra Healing Lotion and the Recovery lotion for after climbing. The desert shimmer lip balms are awesome too! Offwidths are so physically brutal on my body I really need products that will help with my recovery. The Healing Lotion and Recovery lotions both speed up my recovery time which is crucial to maintaining my performance. 
 What advice would you give to someone who is just starting out: Prevent injuries by consulting a trainer and/or Physical Therapist to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses.
What’s your best “party” trick: Ha ha! Well, I can hang upside down in an offwidth roof for a ridiculously long time.
Facebook: Pamela Shanti Pack
Instagram: shantipack