Alison Dunlap

 Cycling Athlete 

Two Time Olympic Cyclist


Alison Dunlap is a 2-time US Olympic Team member, having competed in the 1996 Atlanta
Olympics as a road cyclist and the 2000 Sydney Olympics as a mountain biker. The apex of
her cycling career came on September 15, 2001 when she won the gold medal at the 
UCI Mountain Bike World Championships in Vail, CO, just four days after the American
tragedy of 9-11. The following year, she was crowned the World Cup Overall Champion.
Alison’s initial sporting interest was in soccer, where she developed into a top high school 
player and was one of the final cuts on the dominant nationally ranked Colorado College 
Tigers her freshman year. She took up cycling to replace soccer and four years later won 
the Collegiate National Road Championship. After graduating from The Colorado College in 
1991, she turned professional racing full time around the world. In 1996 she made her first 
Olympic team in the women’s road race. After switching to mountain biking in 1997, Alison 
went on to win two World Cup events, a gold medal at the 1999 Pan Am Games, 13 National 
Championships, and her second Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia where she placed 7th
Alison founded the Alison Dunlap Adventure Camps in 2003 and has been working full-time 
coaching cyclists and running skills camps and clinics since retiring from competitive cycling in 
2005. She is a USA Cycling Level I coach, a certified Professional Mountain Bike Instructor out of 
Whistler, BC, a Wilderness First Responder, and a very proud mom to her 3-yr-old son, Emmett. 
Alison is a Colorado native and lives in Colorado Springs with her family.


Age:  44yrs young
Years doing what you do:  26yrs       
Hometown:  Colorado Springs, CO
Favorite product:  Mountain Mint lip balm
Please list your top three career highlights:  2-time Olympian: Atlanta and Sydney; Mountain Bike World Champion, Mountain Bike World Cup Champion
If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go
and why?  Africa.  I want to see all the animals
If you had a yacht what would you name it?  Emmett
What is your favorite movie quote?  “Do or do not; there is no try.”  Yoda
What is the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten?  Yak lung
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Facebook: Alison Dunlap Adventure Camps