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Plain White Chalk


This premium Magnesium Carbonate chalk is:

Dolphin Safe
Gluten Free
What's this all about???

Some folks weren't so psyched on our awesome scented herbal chalks... So we made this one, and promptly fell asleep out of boredom.

JTree Dave Says:

Some folks like it plain... like white rice and vanilla ice cream.  This chalk is just for them!

Che Says:

Some folks get behind every new buzz word and media hype they see.  This chalk is marketed just for them!


Take one of our handy, resealable, standup pouches of your favorite Herbal Chalk to the gym!  Performance is about consistency, and that can start with using your own chalk in practice and at meets.

Get the mental edge over your competition, and be the envy of the gym!

Climbers love this, and you will too!

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