Pet Healing Salve


Dry Skin And Cracked Paws Treatment For Dogs

Dog's Don't Wear Shoes...

Every day we pound the pavement with our pals, or the trails, or the beach, and humans definitely wear shoes more often. Joshua Tree Pet Salve is made from a well proven blend of herbs and oils that heal as they protect. Joshua Tree Pet Salve is made without skin softeners so paw pads stay strong and healthy. All of the ingredients are certified organic, edible and great for use on humans as well! Protect your paws with our Joshua Tree Pet Salve!

Effectively Treats Your Pet's:

Cracked Paw Pads

Sores On Dog's Paw Pad

Paw Skin Peeling And Irritation

Abraded Pads From City Life


Pink Ear


Owners skin irritations too!


No added scents - The pleasant natural scent of our freshly roasted herbs reveal how potent the salve is.

No skin softeners - Protects the integrity of your pups paw pads.

Lush moisturizers - Fast relief from drying dirt, pavement, and winter road salt.

Powerful healing - Dog's don't understand being sore or irritated... get em back to happy fast!

Edible - It's ok if they lick it... but works better if it soaks in.


Apply JTree in the morning and at night.

Loosely bandage, or distract your pup, while it soaks in.

Use JTree for any of your pets skin irritations.

Always keep JTree with you & share with fuzzy friend's fuzzy friends!

Joshua Tree Pet Salve is Made with organic Ingredients.  This is the same recipe as our renowned Healing Salve!

Beeswax: Creates desirable consistency and seals moisture in the skin.

Calendula: A wound healing herb that reduces inflammation of infected and irritated skin.

Comfrey: An herb that reduces pain and promotes healing by forming a protective surface over wounds.

Echinacea: An herb containing anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that aids in fighting infections and promotes healing.

Wildcrafted Chaparral: An herbal antibiotic containing antioxidants and antiseptic properties that decreases inflammation and wards off infection.

Myrrh Gum: A resin extracted from tree sap that contains strong disinfectant properties used to heal wounds.

Benzoin Gum: A resin extracted from the bark of trees that contains antiseptic properties to heal wounds and antioxidants that prevent infection.

Tea Tree Oil: Fights infections, acne and insect bites.

Lavender OIl: Heals wounds, burns, and prevents scarring.

Jojoba Oil: A liquid wax extracted from the seeds of jojoba trees that provides lasting moisture for skin.

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