Sun Stick SPF 33

Sun Protection Sticks

Protect and heal your skin with one convenient product.


This natural/organic dry-touch stick is designed for an active life under the sun.  With an SPF 33, this stick carries over 95% UVA/UVB protection and touts the highest water resistance possible. Applies with a slight tone then rubs in clear so you don’t look like a clown.


Heals damaged skin with the same freshly brewed herbal extract used in our renowned salve.


Very Water Resistant - Let's go surfing!

Very Sweat Resistant - Won't Run into your eyes!

Very Freeze Resistant - Great for "blue bird" days on the slopes!

Active Ingredients:

Zinc Oxide 10% (Natural UVA & UVB blocker)

OM-Cinnamate 5% (Organic UVB absorber)


Beeswax; Sunflower, Jojoba Oil, & Coconut Oils; Cocoa Butter; Fresh Extracts of Myrrh & Benzoin Gum, Calendula, Chaparral, Echinacea, Comfrey; Tea Tree, Lavender, and Mint Essential Oils; Iron Oxide; Mica Spheres, Mica

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Great sun protection plus helps my roscacea

Works well and doesn't cause breakouts.I have Roscacea and everything makes my face break out in a rash.I have to be so careful with what I put on my face.Every time I use this sunscreen, my face actually improves.I've considered using this as regular skin care even when I'm not in the sun because it seems to be so good for my skin.

Great product, will buy again!

This product was excellent. The package was much smaller than I expected (I expected deodorant-size and it was big lipstick sized). However, the size really did not matter because the product was great and lasted through multiple daily applications. As a matter of fact, the size was a benefit because we were limited on space during the trip and I could keep the stick on me at all times instead of stowed away. I used this on a week-long white water rafting trip in Arizona. It was easy to apply, did not melt all over in the heat, did not wash off during the day, and I did not cause a break out on my face. The smell was good, and my only complaint was that it could be a little crumbly in applying, but that was not a "problem" because once you started rubbing it in, it smoothed out and applied fine. I used it both like a deodorant (applying from stick directly to arms) and with my fingers transferring from the stick to my face. Both ways were fine. After that week, I still had some left over. I will buy this again. I did not burn, or even tan, the whole trip.

This is fantastic sun screen

This is fantastic sun screen!I've used it in high altitude and sport and it is sweat proof and protects nicely.

Very small

This is extremely,small and quite expensive. We prefer the Neutrogena sticks.

Really glad I found this.

We use this everyday on my daughter's face. She can easily put it on herself and she likes the fragrance. It's nice that it doesn't make white streaks. We'll keep on buying it.

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