Musicians Salve


Dry And Cracked Finger Skin Treatment

JTree salve is an organic, unscented, skin-healer that is awesome for conditioning played-out finger tips and lips!  Created using a blend of essential oils, freshly extracted from the finest organic herbs, JTree Salve moisturizes and promotes healing without softening calluses that the body produces for protection.

Designed to heal any skin irritation without softening the skin!

Why no softeners??? Because a healthy callus is your body's own natural protection, and it hurts when they get soft and peel!

  • No added scents - You can smell how potent and natural it is.
  • No skin softeners - Saves calluses.
  • Lush moisturizers - Fast relief from drying gym chalk.
  • Powerful healing - Make every training day count!
  • Guitar and Strings - Keeps your finger tips strong and healthy!
  • Drummers - Rocks for chaffing and callouses on your hands!
  • On the Horn - Your lips deserve the best!
Skin Care Routine for Strong Tough Skin
  1. Wash with soap & water - clean skin heals faster!
  2. Clip or remove any dead torn skin.
  3. Groom calluses - Use a pumice stone to thin out thick spots.
  4. Rinse hands with alcohol (rubbing alcohol, not bourbon) to clean the micro-cuts, and dry and harden the skin.
  5. Liberally apply JTree Salve... reapply throughout the evening.
  6. If it's oily for more than 10 minutes, use a bit less next time. It should soak right in to dry damaged skin!
Do This... Don't Do That!
  • Use JTree in the morning and at night on rest days to help condition skin.
  • Use JTree for any skin irritation, and for dry skin.
  • Always keep JTree with you & share with friends!
  • Don't use salve right before you train or compete.
  • Avoid lotions - They soften skin making it rip and tear.
JTree Dave Says:

”This is our cornerstone product and the reason JTree exists today! Our first batch of salve was handed out in Joshua Tree National Parks Hidden Valley Campground 10 years ago! It is the most potent and effective treatment for beat up skin that the rock climbing world has ever known!”

Joshua Tree Salve is made with organic ingredients.

Beeswax: Creates desirable consistency and seals moisture in the skin.

Calendula: A wound healing herb that reduces inflammation of infected and irritated skin.

Comfrey: An herb that reduces pain and promotes healing by forming a protective surface over wounds.

Echinacea: An herb containing anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that aids in fighting infections and promotes healing.

Wildcrafted Chaparral: An herbal antibiotic containing antioxidants and antiseptic properties that decreases inflammation and wards off infection.

Myrrh Gum: A resin extracted from tree sap that contains strong disinfectant properties used to heal wounds.

Benzoin Gum: A resin extracted from the bark of trees that contains antiseptic properties to heal wounds and antioxidants that prevent infection.

Tea Tree Oil: Fights infections, acne and insect bites.

Lavender OIl: Heals wounds, burns and prevents scarring.

Jojoba Oil: A liquid wax extracted from the seeds of jojoba trees that provides lasting moisture for skin."

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
great product

Used this in conjunction with Crack Zap It to keep my hands from drying out during the winter.Works well.Non-greasy. Absorbs quickly.

Great Ingredients

It’s got all this natural ingredients that are so good. The smell is not strong so I appreciate that.

Fixed my cracked fingertips using 2 times a day!

i play the guitar a couple hours a day 7 days a week its my passion, i was having issues with the cracking torn skin on my fingertips never being able to heal and progressivly getting more torn, i started using this product before i go to work and again right after i finish jamming for the night, it has allowed my cracks to heal while still playing the guitar everyday for hours, what works best for me is putting it on at times im not going to touch anything with my hands for a good amount of time allowing it to do its thing and soak into my fingertips, this product 100% is effective in helping the healing of cracked skin on fingertips and i highly reccommend this product to musicians with finger instruments or who is looking to fix cracked torn skin on fingers

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