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Luscious Lavender

All Natural Lip Treatment

Protect. Sooth. Revive.

Joshua Tree lip balms are petroleum free and made from a base that’s a blend of cocoa butter and beeswax, so they glide on smoothly. All lip balms are packaged in a slim-fit tube that fits comfortably and securely in a pocket with a cap that won’t unexpectedly pop off.

The essential oils in Luscious Lavender act as a powerful skin regenerator, quickly healing cut and chapped lips and greatly reducing the healing time of cold sores.


Lavender Essential Oil: Heals wounds, burns, sun damage, skin infections and tinsect bites while acting as a skin-cell regenerator that prevents scarring.

Our new slim fit tube - lower profile is more comfortable and resists unscrewing in your pocket.

Less Beeswax means it soaks into your lips without leaving that goopy residue.

Powerful moisturizers to replenish chapped lips.

Crafted With the Finest 100% Organic Ingredients:

Lavender Essential Oil: Heals wounds, burns, sun damage, skin infections, insect bites. Skin-cell regenerator, prevents scarring.

Cocoa Butter: Mild sun protection properties, although it is not considered an SPF additive by the FDA. Cocoa butter is a wonderful emollient plant extract. It is one of the best ingredients to replenish skin.

Coconut Oil: A highly saturated oil which resists oxidation. It is a heavy oil which stays on the outer layers of the skin maintaining a smooth feeling.

Sunflower Oil: A medium-light oil which is naturally high in Vitamin E.

Vitamin E Oil: This oil is used as a preservative and antioxidant. This oil has mild sun protection properties.

Bees Wax: Creates a desirable consistency for lip balms and salves and seals moisture in the skin.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Best Lip Balm, EVER!!!

I bought this when we went skiing in Colorado this spring break (still have the same tube, a little goes a long way). This tube by far has changed my life! I recommend it to EVERYONE.

All in one!

Works perfect, lasts long time and have heavenly smell of lavender.

Best lip balm ever!

I am a bit of a lip balm addict and have many different kinds but always go back to Joshua Tree as it has worked the best for me and makes my lips happy!

Best lip balm ever

I purchased this lip balm when I was on a hiking trip in the Nevada with my husband. I loved it so much I decided to order a whole stock pile from the website! With no added junk in it I feel so good about moisturizing my lips! Love the lavender scent as well. Thanks for making a great product!

I love it!!

I use Joshua Tree lavender lip balm every night before bed. It has become an essential part of my bedtime routine. It provides both fabulous lip care and the relaxing but subtle lavender scent helps ease me to sleep.

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