Mid-Heat Embrocation

Muscle Warming Mid-Heat Embrocations

Invigorating Protection

JTree Spiced Mid Heat Embrocation uses essentials oils from cloves and capsaicin to produce a mild heating sensation. Clove essential oils increase heat in the body, while capsaicin, the active component of chili peppers, warms when applied to skin.

Hands Free Applicator - 0.35 oz

Most embrocations come in a jar, and latex gloves should be worn during application. If you didn't use gloves, it would be very easy to transfer the hot stuff to your nether region or face... thats no good. Our unique package lets you apply the product without touching it, but if you still want to massage it in, take precautions and go for it!

About Kelly

Professional cyclist Kelli Emmett is a four-time member of the U.S. Mountain Bike World Championship Team and a national and two-time world champion. While testing out the prototype scents, she concluded:

"I“I love coffee!!!

....but Spicy is what I want people to think of me as... Ha!”

About Embrocations

Embrocations, like chocolate, have historic roots in Belgium / Europe, and are very popular there, especially for cycle-cross racing.

For cyclists who ride in the winter, embrocating is an important process of warming the muscles before a ride in the cold. Embrocations can be found in many ways, shapes, and forms.

Some versions are designed as a weather proof barrier to keep water and cold away from the skin. These can be massaged into the muscles to help promote blood flow and get the muscles warmed up.

In extreme conditions some embrocations contain warming agents such as Cayenne, Black Pepper, or Capsaicin. These agents also promote blood flow to the skin and muscles and create a warming sensation when applied.

Embrocations are most commonly used on the legs, but can also be used on the arms, feet, hands, and even lower back and chest. Sometimes the application of embrocation can be just as much of a mental advantage as a physical one, but on a cold morning there is nothing better than that nice warm feeling.


Keep away from sensitive skin and eyes!

Each person has different skin sensitivity and each embrocation has different levels of heat so be sure to test your product thoroughly and conservatively to start.

Most importantly keep away from eyes and genitalia!

Wash your hands with soap after applying.

Keep away from children!

Organic Ingredients:

Beeswax; Sunflower, Jojoba, & Coconut Oils; Cocoa & Shea Butter; Fresh Extracts of Myrrh & Benzoin Gum, Calendula, Chaparral, Echinacea, Comfrey; Clove & Capsaicin Essential Oils.

Customer Reviews

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This is amazing.

I use this before, and AFTER workouts. Mainly because i get sore fairly easily. For me, it isn't an intense heat at all, but it does help. Give it an try.

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