Ice Herbal Chalk


Organic Scented Chalk

Bring your mind into the cool with this refreshing, spirit lifting chalk!

Chalk is going to dry out your hands. That's it job, right? Well, minimize the harsh effects of the chalk while stimulating the mind with our Herbal Chalks. These ultra grind chalks have the friction to get you through the crux, with an added kick to put your mind back in the action.

Get a little bit of encouragement, right in your chalk bag!

What's this all about???

The organic extracts in this chalk contain natural sources of menthol. Sooth your sore finger tips, worn thin from days of throwing yourself at a rock, so the last pitch is as fun as the first!

Did we mention it smells good??? Ice Chalk smells like a cool, minty, treat. Offer your belayer a pleasant aromatic greeting at the end of a hot, hard, pitch. No ones likes a stinky sweat ball.

JTree Dave Says:

The scent provides aroma therapy every time you chalk up. I know it sounds silly, but once you get hooked, you won't be able to pull a run-out crux move with out it! ...wait, maybe that's a bad thing.


Take one of our handy, resealable, standup pouches of your favorite Herbal Chalk to the gym!

Get the mental edge over your competition, and be the envy of the gym!

Climbers love this, and you will too!

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

Ice Herbal Chalk

Cut it with a chalk with better drying agent

When cut 50:50 with white gold this chalk is awesome still has the menthol scent which is a great shift from the smell of the gym. i was skeptical when I got a bag as a gift but since then I have bought another bag because I enjoyed it so much. when mixed the scent is still perfect and still absorbs well.

Smells like the dentist office

It definitely smells like dental floss. It’s not bad; Im not sure what I was expecting. I don’t get the cooling sensation I was hoping for, and the chalk goes quickly.

Works great

Smells good

Five Stars

Nice smell, good chalk

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