Fire Herbal Chalk


Gymnastics, Gym And Climb Chalk

Calm your mind and ignite your power to make the move with this spice powered herbal chalk. 

Chalk is going to dry out your hands. That's it job, right? Well, minimize the harsh effects of the chalk while stimulating the mind with our Herbal Chalks. These ultra grind chalks have the friction to get you through the crux, with an added kick to put your mind back in the action.

Get a little bit of encouragement, right in your chalk bag!

What's this all about???

The organic extracts in this chalk contain natural sources of menthol. Sooth your sore finger tips, worn thin from days of throwing yourself at a rock, so the last pitch is as fun as the first!

Did we mention it smells good??? Fire Chalk smells like Christmas morning. Offer your belayer a pleasant aromatic greeting at the end of a hot, hard, pitch. No ones likes a stinky sweat ball.

JTree Dave Says:

The scent provides aroma therapy every time you chalk up. I know it sounds silly, but once you get hooked, you won't be able to pull a run-out crux move with out it! ...wait, maybe that's a bad thing.


Take one of our handy, resealable, standup pouches of your favorite Herbal Chalk to the gym!

Get the mental edge over your competition, and be the envy of the gym!

Climbers love this, and you will too!

Customer Reviews

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Fire Herbal Chalk

Why not have your hands smell like gumdrops?!

You could go out and buy another chalk ball.I mean, they are all basically just magnesium carbonate, but why not get this one and have your hands smell like gumdrops?

I don't know what this chalk ball is supposed to smell like (maybe cinnamon?), but it seriously smells exactly like the purple gumdrops!Whenever I climb, I'm transported to a simpler time when I made towers out of toothpicks and gumdrops.

I've tried the Flower Power (lavender) and Ice (mint) chalk balls as well, but the Fire is the best.Or, you could buy unscented chalk and miss out on the chance to have your mind magically transported to your childhood.

P.S.If you haven't made towers out of toothpicks and gumdrops, you should do that.I don't care how old you are.

Smells great!!!

Love it for when I am out climbing...

It's okay.

Less grippy and less scented than Joshua Tree's Flower Power (loose chalk), but it's still a rather satisfying chalk ball to grab.

Sketchy Ingredients

Left a rash on my hands. I'm going to stick with Friction Labs.

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