Chalk Bag

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Hand made by the legendary bag builders at Krieg Climbing!
These great bags have a unique hand made history, just like all of our products. They start off as little squares of cloth that get silkscreened, by hand, in the kitchen at J-Tree Dave's house. From there, we pack em up, and send em off to our good friend Sam in Pocatello, Idaho. He transforms them into beautiful, bomb proof chalk bags, complete with brush loop and belt! Now how cool is that?!?!? Help spread the love for J-Tree, and let people know from where the haunting aroma of our herbal chalk is emanating!
J-Tree Dave says:
“Guys, the chicks will totally dig it. And girls, the guys will have a reason to be starring at your butt!"
Sam Krieg says:
"For the past decade we have been making rad chalk bags. Our goal is to make a bag that is simple and bomber.”